About us

We are a company with years of experience in catering. Thanks to our customers we were able to improve our products, processes and test new ideas.

Establishing cooperation with the largest retailer of organic food in the Tricity resulted in the production of healthy, tasty and gluten-free products on a larger scale. A relatively small selection of vegan products made that we’d created the first pie pumpkin. It was a pumpkin pie with sun-dried tomatoes, which became a best seller.
Despite the introduction of the following flavors – it is this is the most popular.

Currently, our company has in its offer over 100 gluten-free products from amaranth flour and on groats ending. From the producer of food without gluten we transform the business platform, which comprehensively supplies specialist health food stores across the country.

Our goal is to be a producer and distributor of number one in the segment of products without gluten in Poland and Europe. We invite to cooperation stationary shops, internet shops as well as producers of food without gluten.

We can admit that our products have been tested in humans, and their production has not suffered any animal.